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Methologica captures the impact of design on human behaviour, experience, interactions and well being.

By understanding how people use and engage in certain spaces, how the design of those spaces makes them feel, how the design influences behaviour, interactions and the resulting outcomes, we can identify what drives people to one space and/or design elements over others and reveal what is and is not working in the design, for whom and in what context. This insight offers the opportunity to refine and validate design theories, enhance user experience, and optimize the design of the built environment to achieve the most desirable outcomes at the individual, group, and community levels.

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Each Methologica team is assembled to match the specific needs of the project.

Each and every Methologica project is unique. Our projects differ in size, scale and purpose. Methologica is a collective and mobile lab that features a dynamic composition of social and behavioural scientists, research associates, content experts, methodology specialists, project coordinators, field researchers, data analysts, data visualization experts, communications strategists, architects and designers.

Methologica teams are built on the basis of their unique assets, engagement strategies and methodological approaches to optimize insights and outputs for any given client project.

Celeste Alvaro, PhD

Celeste Alvaro, PhD

— Principal | Design Research & Evaluation | Built Environment & Well Being

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Melanie Elliott, MA

Melanie Elliott, MA

— Research Associate | Project Coordinator

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KPMB Architects, Diamond Schmitt Architects, Stantec Architecture, HOK Architects, Agnew Peckham, Montgomery Sisam Architects, Parkin Architects Ltd, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, Providence Care Hospital, CANNON Design, B + H, St. Catharines Hospital Niagara Health System, West Park Healthcare Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Biography, Ryerson University, Claremont Graduate University, Brock University, Applied Research Consultants (ARC; California), Strongbow Strategies, OCADU, Any Key Press,, Canadian Standards Association, Canadian Centre for Healthcare Facilities, Salus Global Knowledge Exchange...

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